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We can remove them with no internal damage what-so-ever and re-felt your whole roof for the price of which some traders are charging just to fit galvanised liners.
Finlock gutters are made from concrete sections and shaped concrete liners. There are thousands and thousands of houses all over the country that have them fitted. If you are unlucky to own a house that has them fitted then you are fully aware of the problems with them, mainly leaking which can seep into the rooms. You may also have black stains around the walls near the ceiling which is called cold bridging.

You may have already spent hundreds of pounds repairing them, which will buy you time but it wont cure the problem as normally houses with these are normally in a row, and maybe the house each side will not maintain theirs which makes any repair to yours pointless.

You may of heard that to remove these are expensive and cause a lot of internal damage which results in the top half of the house needing major internal works and re-decorating etc. Some companys still do it that way, but then they arent paying for it.

So why put up with it, once there gone, there gone FOREVER, and your house will look like it should, new upvc fascias and gutters, so you dont even need to paint in the future. And of course the black marks on the internal walls can be cleaned and will never return.

Using diamond blades we rake out the old mortar and inject the new mortar using mortar guns.
Prices will include travel to the job and the first hours labour with regards to emerency call out.
We take all major Debit & Credit Cards.
All parts and prices will be subject to VAT
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S F Roofing has been trading in the Wiltshire and surrounding counties for the last 13 years.

And I have been in the roofing trade for 30 years, so I know a little about roofing. One thing that I have learned over that time is that you do get what you pay for, and that is a reflection of most things that we pay for, special offers, deals, a mate of a mate, saving a few pennies now normally costs you a few pounds later. So if your looking for a deal or a cut price roof please look elsewhere. There are companies out there that offer these deals, but normally they inflate their price to start with.
We take all major Debit & Credit Cards.

I have built up a reputation of good work that lasts and I aim to keep it that way. You may / may not pay a little more, but I can assure you it will pass the test of time. I feel that no matter how good a job you do you are only remembered by the last bad one. Please look at our main website as well for more information www.sfroofing.co.uk

Basic Rules for Selecting Roofers
Ask for several quotes - three should give you a good idea of what a new roof for your home is worth.
Avoid unmarked white vans, cold callers, a mate of a mate, mobile numbers and verbal quotations/estimates. Ensure you have an address and land line number in case things do go wrong.
Always compare apples with apples. Make sure that the roofers quote on the same basis - including like tiles /slates, felts, eave protector, proper ventilation, etc.
Most often, roofing problems that do occur are not related to manufacturing defects but to installation. Roof warranties do not cover improper installation, so be sure your roofer will stand behind his work. .
Ask for references. And don't be shy about checking with the homeowners given as references.
Check out jobs being done in your area. Watch closely for the care the installers take in applying the materials. Neighbours who've had roofs done could be good - though not always the best - sources of information. Back up their references with your own visual inspection.
Your local Builders Merchant is a valuable source of information for any renovation project. Their roofing experts can also provide you with a list of reliable contractors.
Know What You are Getting for the Money

A good roofer will not cut corners to lower the price.
Once your selection has been made, be sure the job is done to your specifications and to your satisfaction.
Be home when the job is being done.
If any additional work, such as deck or chimney repairs etc, is required, you should be notified before the work proceeds.
You are not expected to be a roofing expert, but it helps to know the basics. If something the installers do begs a question, ask the crew foreman while he is there. Again, don't be shy; it's your roof and your money.

We take all major Debit & Credit Cards.

We will undertake repairs or renewal of lead valleys, lead gulleys, stepflashings, lead roofs including mop roll details etc. In fact we can undertake any type of lead works that may be required.